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original vocalization

...can't forget this BEAT~

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Hi. I like celebrity gossip, shiny boybands, video games and candy. Idk what else I can say.

aiba hates france, aiba's not a ruffian, arashi, baking soda!crack, binny bars, church of jun, dipp bitch pride, dippy plays the organ, eggy, eth eth tinkle, final fantasy, i cut you bitch, kookie wookie, music, oh my god-o, our lady peace, product of brazil, rosie the hippo, savage garden, se8en, shinhwa, sho loves france, sing the hymns bitches, subaru'd, suwab, tackey and tsubasa, takki smash, team リーダー リーダー, uoy llik lliw yreffej, vanilla ice cream, video games, villa food war, wookie bars

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