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I'm just trying to have some fun in my fandoms and get through life as best as I can. If you can't take anything with a grain of salt, then don't bother. I don't do drama here so keep your baggage to yourself. I'm not a big commenter, deal with it.

Thanks! :D


I was on the bus today and two seats in front of me there was this little boy who was sitting backwards on the seat so he was facing me. He had this apple in his hands and he was eating it while looking around the bus. His hands were tiny and the apple looked so big between them. He had the biggest, blackest eyes. I don't know, I just thought it was really cute.

It made me think of when I was in elementary school. During the winter, whenever I ate an apple at lunch I'd bury the core under the snow, thinking to myself "It will decompose and go back to the earth."

Children are so simple-minded and yet life is so easy for them. :) Of course at that time I didn't realize decomposition took, well, time.

Iris popped up on MSN and asked if I'd catch a movie with her. I haven't seen her since February so it was a nice surprise. I'm supposed to meet up with her on Thursday to watch "The Host", some Korean movie.

It's still snowing outside. The weather seems to reflect my mood.

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milkcandies: I saw some homemade porn last time and the couple played Arashi, T&T and Koda Kumi songs while they were doing it. :-0
originaru: . . .
originaru: i dunno
originaru: i don't really see JE as "sex" music XD
milkcandies: XD
originaru: imagine
originaru: MMM... HARDER BB
milkcandies: :-----0
originaru: can you imagine doing it to "Kitto Daijoubu"?


I'm so tired and whacked out from work. People are so stupid. D: