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...can't forget this BEAT~

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Arashi: 5x5 for dream

Comment to be added. I won't friend people who add randomly.

I'm just trying to have some fun in my fandoms and get through life as best as I can. If you can't take anything with a grain of salt, then don't bother. I don't do drama here so keep your baggage to yourself. I'm not a big commenter, deal with it.

Thanks! :D


What are you talking about! I'm so nice XD



(Deleted comment)
Add me cuz I love you

& your many fandoms XD you know it

OH & your <3 rants XDD

xDDD I am a fandom whore!

Rant master has added you ^^

Add me!!! :D Please please? ^^;;

Commenty; add me back please?

what a pretty journal! i'm adding you back ya? I'm not a big commentor too but i do read entries :D

Added you. Omg, you already posted like 5 entries~!? XDD Twinnu is fast!

Ahhh ... add me again!! -pokes violently-

Uh. Hi there! XD; *Inez* I play MatsuJun at shaky_needlesand uh. You crack me up. XD And we have similar interests? XD; So, care to add me? ^^;

hey~ =D Ehh... I'm Kame from the RP. XD Uhh, add me? =D

Hi!! -waves around-

i was on a_k_a_r_i .. and i moved. :DDD

Add me? :D

caaaaaaaaaaseeeyyy <3nyao XDDD

*follow you everywhere HEE HEE* :D


Added foo'~

Hello~ :D I play Ryo and Ryohei (XD) at shaky_needles. Mind if I add you? :O

Haha, just realized I haven't friended you yet. XD!! Add me? :D

haha got here through some arashi community
[clicked on your username becoz of your icon]
just wondering where in canada you're from

XD You have an AAA icon too :D

I'm from Alberta, all the way in the west ^__^

is it ok if i friend you?

Sure ^^

XD, omg you icon lol.

Heeeeeeeeeey, I was LJ friends w/ you when you were "optigan," but I guess you changed names? ^^;; Add me back? 8D; Please?

Oh, sure! ^__^ Nice to see yah :D!

Hey seen you around in comms and you seem interesting so can I be added? =3

Hiya Casey! I got your comment.... I just added you to my friends' list. ^^; Haven't talked to you forever! How you been? ^^


I'm good, enjoying my summer vacation and that I'm free from high school! Yay, I'll add you back right now.

hey love, its sana im finally back on lj, add me?

Sana, I missed you. :D

Welcome back and I'll add you right away.


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